About Us






Heaven's Hollow Farm is located on the border of Madison and Orange counties in Central Virginia and is owned and operated by Jacob and Jennifer Gilley. In addition to our children, we raise Angus beef cattle and hogs to supply our customers with an exceptional eating experience. The farm has now been in our family for four generations. 

Our farm currently has 35 spring and fall calving cow-calf pairs. We employ the use of rotational grazing as well as the use of perennial and annual forages to maximize the time the cattle spend on fresh pasture. The cattle processed for our meat business have continuous access to forage while being supplemented with local grains to increase flavor and tenderness. Our pigs are raised in the historic dairy barn on the property with access to the outdoors  and are also supplemented with local grains. We use sustainable and best management practices with a focus on animal welfare and well being. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our farm, methods in which we use to raise our livestock, and how you can enjoy a true farm to table experience.


Homegrown by Heroes 

We are proud to have been accepted into the Homegrown by Heroes program administered by the Veteran Farmer Coalition. The mission of the Veteran Farmer Coalition is to cultivate a new generation of farmers and food leaders, and develop viable employment and meaningful careers through the collaboration of the farming and military communities. Homegrown By Heroes (HBH) is the official farmer veteran branding program of America. The HBH logo serves to inform consumers that products donning the logo were produced by military veterans. The program is available to farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and value-added producers of all branches and eras of military service.

Jacob's service was inspired by his father who served and retired after 20 years in the US Air Force. Ever since he could remember, he wanted to be like his father and serve his country for the greater good. He was always intrigued by air craft and wanted to be involved with either flying or maintaining them while traveling the world. Throughout his years of serving as an engine mechanic in the 130th Airlift Wing based out of Charleston, WV he was blessed with the opportunity to build friendships while traveling the world serving our country.



 Check out our interview with the Virginia Beef Industry Council to learn more about us, our farm, and our family.