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Why should I buy in bulk?

Purchasing a large quantity of beef stocks your freezer and provides you with the convenience of farm fresh meat for quick meal preparation without having to venture to the grocery store.  Buying Bulk Beef also saves you money. The larger the beef share, the more money you save. So, get your friends and family together and split a whole beef share for the most cost savings. 


How is our beef priced?

Our beef is sold based on the Hot Carcass Weight (HCW). HCW is the weight of the animal after removing a lot of the parts that aren’t edible, but before being made into finished cuts. Our prices INCLUDE the cost of processing and pick up from the processor.  If you purchase a whole or half share, you may opt to customize your cut sheet- this includes selecting the type of cuts you desire, steak thickness, roast weight and many more options. For orders of quarter or eighth share, we will use our standard cut sheet.


Whole: $4.50/lb (Est. HCW of 800 lbs). Cost Est. $3600 for about 480 lbs. of beef once packaged.

Half:  $4.75/lb (Est. HCW of 400). Cost Est. $1900 for about 240 lbs. of beef once packaged.

Quarter:  $4.90/lb (Est. HCW of 200). Cost Est. $980 for about 120 lbs. of beef once packaged.

Eighth:  $5.00/lb (Est. HCW of 100). Cost Est. $500 for about 60 lbs. of beef once packaged.

(Weights and yields are estimated and actuals may vary)


How Much Do I Get?

Below are general figures on typical cuts from a half beef based on the Beef and Pork Whole Animal Buying Guide from Iowa State University. Please keep in mind that most cuts of beef can be changed per bulk beef order. If you have any questions about the availability of a certain cut of beef, please let us know!

Meat from a typical half beef  consists of approximately:  

14 T-Bone Steaks

14 Rib Steaks

8 Sirloin Steaks

8 Round Steaks

2 Sirloin Tip Roasts

 6 Chuck Roasts

4 Arm Roasts

2 Rump Roasts

8 Packages of Stew Beef

4 Packages of Short Ribs

4 Packages of Soup Bones

80-100 lbs. Ground Beef


Do you need to invest in a freezer?

 As a general guide, 50 pounds of meat will fit in about 2.25 cu.ft. of cooler/freezer space. The empty freezer compartment of a new, average-size, home refrigerator is about 4.8 cu.ft. An Eighth share should fit in your kitchen freezer with a small amount of space to spare. 


How Do I Order?

 If you are interested in buying Bulk Beef, please email us so we can assist you in selecting the right quantity for your needs or freezer space. We will guide you through the process of completing a cut sheet if you opt to purchase a whole or half beef. We are currently accepting deposits for Bulk Beef available Summer 2017. Deposits are non-refundable.

Whole Beef Deposit: $400

Half Beef Deposit: $200

Quarter Beef Deposit: $100

Eighth Beef Deposit: $50